Shield Dust
Flavor text
Prevents added effects.

Shield Dust is an Ability seven Pokémon can have.


Shield Dust prevents the added effects from moves used by opponents, such as status from moves like Flamethrower or Powder Snow. It does not block the effect from status moves.

Shield Dust does not prevent secondary effects from self-used moves, such as stat drops, switching, fainting or recoil damage.

Pokémon with Shield DustEdit

# Pokémon Type First Ability Second Ability
#015 015MS Curicrawl Bug Bug Shield Dust Prankster
#016 016MS Gutsicoon Bug Bug Shield Dust Effect Spore
#017 017MS Gutsifly Bug Flying Shield Dust Prankster
#018 018MS Larvades Bug Bug Compound Eyes Shield Dust
#120 120MS Drapillar Bug Dragon Shield Dust Marvel Scale
#190 190MS Polossus Poison Poison Shield Dust Poison Point
#266 266MS Catikillar Bug Bug Shield Dust Swarm

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